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Coaches’ 5 Golden Laws of Tennis



1. Physical and Mental Prep

Before entering the tennis court, physically and mentally prepare to be there.

Develop a routine with which to prepare.

Physically prepare by eating, hydrating, stretching and exercising.

Mentally prepare with audio, video, spiritual, or interpersonal resources for strength.

Visualize your game plan.


2. Focus on Now

Focus on the current point and not your end game results.

Explore only strategies that will lead you to achieve your goal.

Reset between points to be 100% focused at each moment.

Do not think about the previous point or the next point you are going to dispute.


3. Plan to Compete

Every plan must include the objective you want to achieve.

You will win any mental battle if you manage to be in the “here and now.”

Be very clear about what you want to achieve.

Be aware which tasks will result in maximum performance if achieved.

Find the solutions to the problems, and not the opposite.


4. Emotional Management

Remove positive & negative thoughts, keep only neutral.

 If physically and mentally capable, never resign on yourself, or the play.

Short-term memory for positive and negative feelings.

Long-term memory for encouraging in-the-moment neutral feelings.

Learn from defeats and mistakes in order to progress in your game.


5. Belief

Believe in you.

Win your heart, and not the game…